Basic Blues Pattern Played in the Key of G

Playing blues bass lines is essentially working some basic note patterns around the root note of each chord in the 12 bar blues progression.

Here’s the outline of the basic blues bass guitar pattern, which you will apply to each chord (I, IV, V) in the blues progression.

basic blues bass pattern 1

basic blues bass pattern 1

Here’s a view of the pattern on the fretboard itself. Notice the root notes marked “R” in blue diamond shapes. The rest of the notes are circles and you fret those notes going up the neck (ascending in pitch) and going back down (descending in pitch.)

basic blues pattern 1 - fretboard key of G

basic blues pattern 1 – fretboard key of G

Next, here’s a simple layout of the 12 bar blues structure, counting “1” for each line. Change chords as noted and keep counting each line to lead you to next chord. It really helps to internalize this by actually counting out loud with the changes.

basic 12 bar blues musical chart

A diagram demonstrating the basic 12 bar blues progression.

Finally, here’s a video demonstration of the basic blues pattern for the 12 bar blues played in the key G:

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  1. Ernie Castillo says:

    Hey brother I was able to go to your web site and am looking forward to more videos. I am leaning towards the blues style of music so I really enjoyed your video on here. I am looking forward to more videos in the near fruture…..Thx

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    Awesome article.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing. I’m wondering if it’s OK to copy some of the text in my site?

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