Welcome to 12barbluesbass.com – learn how to play bass guitar for 12 bar blues!

If you love the blues, or are just beginning your musical journey on the bass guitar, the 12 bar blues is a great place to start. With some practice – and some help you can get right here – you can soon meet other musicians and join in at the local jam sessions. A good bass player is always welcome – and often in demand!

My name is Rex and I am the bassist for Breakup, a local band of Palmer, AK. I’d like to share my 30 odd years of playing experience and hope this site helps you with your playing style, theory and technique.

You can get started by learning where the “root notes” are in the 12 bar blues progression by going here:


Demo Equipment

For these demonstrations, Rex uses the Fender Squire Bronco bass, and recommends them for the bassist with smaller hands. He also uses a Korg PitchBlack floor tuner, and Hartke amplifiers among other products. Stop back to 12barbluesbass.com and read some product reviews as they are written in hopes of helping you learn about and pick your own bass gear.

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