A Box Shaped Blues Bass Pattern

Here’s a fun blues bass pattern, based on the Pentatonic Minor (blues) scale. It fits well under songs like “Rock Me Baby” by BB King and “Tore Down” by Eric Clapton.

In the video, I demonstrate the patterns for E based on the root note at the 7th fret of the A string.

Here is a diagram of the notes to clarify which notes to play. Remember to practice slowly, let the patterns sink in, both into your finger’s muscle memory and into your mind.

Blues "Box" shape on the bass fretboard

Blues Box fretboard pattern using Neck Diagrams’ software.

This pattern is a little tricky for the right hand, but once it gets into your hands and head, you can create your own licks based on it for rock, blues, pop, and country.

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See the video lesson on YouTube: http://youtu.be/FgJuBKHHTek


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rex b. is the bass player / singer for BreakupAK, the house band for Palmer Bar in Palmer, AK. his is an avid fan of the blues and has been a blues bass player for over 20 years. this site is dedicated to teaching and learning the 12 bar blues.
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